Mother’s Visit and Boyfriend Talks; @Jacob

Augustine watched her mother process the information she just told her, about everything, why she was in the hospital, why she had been more tired lately. Everything.


"I know, I was an idiot, I shouldn’t have done it, all of the above, but I had to mama," she tried to smile to her mother, who sat in a wheelchair by her bed, brought over from the other hospital for a bit to visit. "It was the only way."

"I doubt that, darling girl. Next time, don’t do something so idiotic, I can still spank you if I want."

She rolled her eyes at her mother, smirking. “I know mama, I’m sorry again. I’m glad you could make it out.”

"Well, if you’re going to be here for a couple weeks," she chuckled at the sight of her daughter’s face turning to one of disgust at the length of time, "I suppose we need to catch up some more. Learn more of what’s going on in life."

"Funny, I’m pretty sure I just told you everything that is going on…" she muttered, shaking her head in amusement.

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    She smiled at him, curling into his bed. “K… goodnight ducky.”
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    He’d put her gently on the bed, kissing her again. “Then I’ll make sure they get the memo. You get some sleep. I’ll be...